Healthtrek EVA Foam Roller 45cm/60 Cm

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Versatile Use: Ideal for fitness, yoga, massage, and more, offering a versatile recovery aid.
Textured Surface: High-density EVA foam with textured dotted surface for comfort and effective massage.
Targeted Relief: Alleviates soft tissue tightness in various areas, increasing blood flow and circulation.
Innovative Design: Mimics massage therapist’s thumbs with a raised grid pattern for softening adhesions and knots.
Enhanced Recovery: Improves muscle recovery by enhancing blood flow and reducing post-workout soreness.
Suitable for All: Beneficial for beginners, athletes, and various muscle groups, aiding mobility and flexibility.
Durable and Portable: Resistant to wear and tear, lightweight, and waterproof for convenient, long-lasting use.

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Versatile Recovery Aid: Designed for fitness, yoga, physiotherapy, massage, Pilates, and balance training.
Textured Dotted Surface: Made from high-density EVA foam with textured dotted surface for added comfort and effective massage.
Alleviates Soft Tissue Tightness: Targets legs, lower back, glutes, and hamstrings, providing relief and increasing blood flow.
Innovative Design: Raised grid pattern mimics massage therapist’s thumbs, softening adhesions and knots on muscles.


Improved Muscle Recovery: Enhances blood flow and circulation, reducing recovery time after workouts and injuries.
Versatile Use: Suitable for beginners and athletes, offering relief from sore muscles, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, and more.
Effective for Various Muscle Groups: Ideal for runners, CrossFit, yoga, Pilates, athletes, and various muscle groups.
Compact Size: Targets specific muscle groups and pain points, promoting mobility and flexibility.
Durable Build: Resistant to wear and tear, easy to clean, lightweight, and made from high-density EVA foam.

How to Use:

Preparation: Place the foam roller on a comfortable surface and position it under the targeted muscle group.

Body Weight: Gently roll your body over the foam roller, using your body weight to apply controlled pressure.

Targeted Massage: Focus on areas with tightness or discomfort, allowing the raised grid pattern to provide effective massage.

Slow Rolling: Roll slowly and maintain controlled movements, spending more time on areas that require deeper relief.

Warm-Up and Cool-Down: Use before workouts to increase blood flow and flexibility, and after workouts to aid recovery.

Versatile Application: Suitable for various muscle groups like legs, arms, feet, and back, promoting overall muscle health.

Consistency: Regular usage helps alleviate muscle tension, increase core strength, and improve flexibility.

Waterproof and Non-Toxic: Waterproof, anti-slip, and non-toxic materials ensure safe and comfortable usage.

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