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  • Healthtrek Massage Gun


    – 1 x HEALTHTREK Massage Gun
    – 1 x HEALTHTREK Massage Gun Wall Charger
    – 1 x HEALTHTREK Massage Gun Quick Start Guide
    – 10 Interchangeable Massage heads
    – 1 x Carrying Case


    Healthtrek Massage Gun

  • Healthtrek Balance Cushion With Air Pump (Pack of 1, 33 cm)

    • Versatile Training Tool: Healthtrek Balance Cushion is an air-filled wobble cushion designed for balance training, rehabilitation, fitness, and recovery.
    • Strengthening and Mobility: Enhance back and torso muscles, acting as a space-efficient alternative to gym balls for stretching, mobilization, and muscle strengthening.
    • Spiky Surface for Effectiveness: The cushion’s spiky surface offers a massage effect and tingling sensation, amplifying training impact.
    • Multi-Application: Suitable for office chairs, fitness routines, coordination exercises, and balance training, contributing to posture improvement and better overall health.
    • Quality and Comfort: Made of non-slip, abrasion-proof PVC that’s skin-friendly and phthalate-free, with a diameter of 33cm, catering to various user sizes.
    • Convenient Portability: Lightweight and easily transportable, fitting seamlessly into daily routines for use at the gym, home, or office.
    • Enhanced Balance and Coordination: Challenges balance and core muscles, improving stability, coordination, and posture over time.
  • Healthtrek Yoga / Swiss / Gym Ball

    • Versatile Home Workouts: Perform diverse daily workouts at home, targeting muscle toning, cardiovascular endurance, balance enhancement, and posture correction.
    • For All Fitness Levels: Suited for beginners to experienced fitness enthusiasts, enabling personalized programs and progress tracking for desired body results.
    • Convenient Fitness Solution: Experience accessible and effective fitness without leaving home, offering unparalleled convenience and holistic well-being.
    • Enhanced Core Strength: Elevate core strength, balance, posture, and rehabilitation efforts with the gym-grade quality of the HEALTHTREK Exercise Ball.
    • Effortless Inflation: Quick inflation using the included foot pump ensures prompt workout initiation, saving time and effort.
    • Secure and Durable: Crafted from non-toxic PVC material with horizontal ribs for a non-slip grip, ensuring safety during exercises involving tossing, bouncing, or squeezing.
    • Sturdy and Anti-Burst: Designed with one of the highest density levels in the market, offering durability and high weight tolerance for a secure fitness experience.
    • Versatile Applications: Suitable for various exercises, from Pilates and yoga to abdominal training and even as an office ball chair for improved posture.
    Healthtrek Yoga / Swiss / Gym Ball - Blue Healthtrek Yoga / Swiss / Gym Ball - Grey Healthtrek Yoga / Swiss / Gym Ball - Red Healthtrek Yoga / Swiss / Gym Ball - Purple

    Healthtrek Yoga / Swiss / Gym Ball

  • Healthtrek EVA Foam Roller 45cm/60 Cm

    Versatile Use: Ideal for fitness, yoga, massage, and more, offering a versatile recovery aid.
    Textured Surface: High-density EVA foam with textured dotted surface for comfort and effective massage.
    Targeted Relief: Alleviates soft tissue tightness in various areas, increasing blood flow and circulation.
    Innovative Design: Mimics massage therapist’s thumbs with a raised grid pattern for softening adhesions and knots.
    Enhanced Recovery: Improves muscle recovery by enhancing blood flow and reducing post-workout soreness.
    Suitable for All: Beneficial for beginners, athletes, and various muscle groups, aiding mobility and flexibility.
    Durable and Portable: Resistant to wear and tear, lightweight, and waterproof for convenient, long-lasting use.

    Healthtrek EVA Foam Roller 45cm/60 Cm - Black Healthtrek EVA Foam Roller 45cm/60 Cm - Orange Healthtrek EVA Foam Roller 45cm/60 Cm - Green Healthtrek EVA Foam Roller 45cm/60 Cm - Blue Healthtrek EVA Foam Roller 45cm/60 Cm - Purple

    Healthtrek EVA Foam Roller 45cm/60 Cm

  • Healthtrek EPP Foam Roller (With Bag)

    • Versatile Muscle Relief: The HEALTHTREK EPP Foam Roller is a versatile tool designed to address various muscle-related issues, promoting muscle relaxation, flexibility, and overall well-being.
    • Myofascial Release & Tight Muscle Soothing: Use it for self-myofascial release to alleviate muscle tightness and trigger points, providing relief and relaxation after workouts.
    • Dynamic Warm-Up and Total Body Workout: Incorporate the roller into your dynamic warm-up routines and use it for a complete body workout to enhance muscle preparation and engagement.
    • Core Stabilization and Injury Prevention: The roller aids in stabilizing core muscles, enhancing balance, and preventing injuries, making it a valuable tool for overall muscle health.
    • Extra Firm Design: Crafted from high-density expanded polypropylene (EPP), the foam roller offers an extra firm texture, perfect for intermediate and advanced users seeking deep tissue massage.
    • Professional Quality and Size: Designed for physical therapy, trigger point massage, and everyday use, the roller measures 42.5cm in length and 15cm in diameter, providing a premium experience.
    • Myofascial Release and Flexibility: Roll the foam roller under different muscle groups to improve muscle mobility, flexibility, and to prevent soreness, benefiting various sports enthusiasts and fitness activities.
    • Easy Transport and Maintenance: The foam roller comes with a convenient carry bag featuring a shoulder strap, ensuring portability and easy storage. Additionally, it’s lightweight and easy to clean.
  • Healthtrek Foam Roller (Trigger Point)

    Deep Tissue Massage: Relieves muscle tension and restores fascia with deep tissue massage.
    3D Massage Zones: Mimics therapist’s hands with thumb, finger, and palm zones.
    Portable and Lightweight: Easy to carry, making it suitable for on-the-go use.
    Durable Construction: Quality materials maintain shape for long-lasting performance.
    Versatile Benefits: Enhances joint mobility, flexibility, and muscle relaxation.
    Effective Warm-Up and Recovery: Improves blood flow, reduces lactic acid, aids in warm-up and cool-down.

  • AM40 Cell Type Anti Decubitus Mattress

    Brand : Rossmax
    Model Number : AM40
    Product Type : Airmattress


    AM40 Cell Type Anti Decubitus Mattress

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