Loop Resistant Band for Workout (Set Of 4)

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  • Set of 4 loop resistance bands (12″ x 3″).
  • Varied resistance levels: light, medium, heavy, extra heavy.
  • Strengthens, stabilizes, and tones muscles.
  • Progressive workouts with customizable resistance.
  • Versatile use for yoga, powerlifting, rehab, and more.
  • Beneficial for physical therapy and injury recovery.
  • Made from natural latex, durable and skin-friendly.
  • Compact and portable, suitable for on-the-go workouts.
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Diverse Resistance Levels: This loop resistance bands set features four bands, each with a different resistance level, catering to various fitness levels and exercise requirements.

Light (Blue) – 0.6 mm

Medium (Yellow) – 0.8 mm

Heavy (Red) – 1.0 mm

Extra-Heavy (Black) – 1.2 mm

Compact and Portable: The loop design offers compactness and portability, allowing you to easily carry and use these bands anywhere, be it at home, the gym, or while traveling.

Multiple Uses: These bands can be utilized for a wide range of exercises, from simple stretching to more advanced strength and resistance training routines.

Variety in Dimensions: With a diameter of 30 cm and a width of 7.5 cm, these bands provide a comfortable fit for various body sizes, allowing you to focus on your workout rather than adjusting the bands.


Progressive Workout: The set’s variety of resistance levels accommodates gradual progression, enabling beginners and advanced users to gradually increase the intensity of their workouts.

Enhanced Muscle Engagement: The resistance bands engage various muscle groups, helping you develop strength, endurance, and flexibility across multiple areas.

Convenient for Different Levels: Whether you’re a beginner looking to build foundational strength or an experienced athlete aiming to diversify your routine, these bands provide the right amount of resistance.

Space-Saving Solution: The loop design eliminates the need for handles or attachments, making these bands a space-saving alternative to traditional gym equipment.

How to Use:

Stretching and Warm-Up: Use the light (blue) band for dynamic stretching and warm-up exercises. Loop it around your legs or arms to improve flexibility and blood circulation.

Strength and Endurance Training: Incorporate the medium (yellow) band for exercises like leg lifts, lateral walks, and squats. It adds resistance to bodyweight exercises for muscle building.

Resistance Training: For more intense resistance, utilize the heavy (red) band. This is ideal for upper body workouts, such as shoulder presses and bicep curls.

Advanced Resistance Work: The extra-heavy (black) band is suited for advanced users. Use it for challenging squats, deadlifts, or even assisted pull-ups.

Proper Form: Maintain proper form throughout your exercises to ensure safety and maximize results. Maintain core engagement and use controlled movements.

Adjustment and Positioning: Position the band above or below your knees, ankles, or wrists depending on the exercise. Ensure the band is secure and doesn’t snap back.

Sets and Repetitions: Aim for 2-4 sets of 10-20 repetitions for each exercise. Adjust based on your fitness level and goals.

Cool Down: After your workout, perform static stretches to improve flexibility and prevent muscle tightness.

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Healthtrek Loop Resistant Band (Set Of 4)

Loop Resistant Band for Workout (Set Of 4)

999.001,999.00 (-50%)

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