Power Resistance Band – Extra-Heavy (50-125 LBS)

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  • Enhance Physical Attributes: Elevate strength, endurance, coordination, and flexibility with targeted exercises.
  • Versatile Fitness Tool: Suitable for a wide array of activities such as pull-up assistance, powerlifting, CrossFit, yoga, mobility routines, body stretching, Pilates, body resistance workouts, and strength training.
  • Premium Natural Latex Build: Constructed using top-tier 100% natural latex rubber, ensuring premium quality, durability, and elasticity for consistent and enduring use.
  • Comprehensive Package: This package includes:
    • 1 Extra-Heavy Band (Green): Dimensions – 2080 x 44 x 4.5mm, Resistance – 50 to 125 Lbs.
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Comprehensive Fitness Enhancement: This extra-heavy power resistance band is designed to enhance strength, endurance, coordination, and flexibility, providing a well-rounded approach to fitness.

Versatile Applications: Whether you’re into pull-up assistance, powerlifting, CrossFit, yoga, mobility and body stretching, Pilates, or body resistance and strength training, this band is a versatile tool for all these activities.

Premium Natural Latex: Crafted from premium-grade 100% natural latex rubber, this band guarantees both durability and optimal resistance for effective and lasting workouts.

Single Band Inclusion: Each package includes one power band, specifically an extra-heavy one with dimensions 2080 x 44 x 4.5mm (Green), offering substantial resistance.


Full-Body Fitness: Engage in exercises that foster improved strength, endurance, coordination, and flexibility, leading to holistic fitness development.

Diverse Workout Options: From pull-up support to dynamic CrossFit routines, yoga sessions, and targeted body resistance training, this band accommodates various workout preferences.

Durability and Reliability: Crafted from premium natural latex rubber, the band ensures longevity and consistent resistance, enabling a reliable workout experience over time.

All-in-One Solution: With a single band, you can explore multiple exercise styles and intensities, catering to your fitness needs without requiring an array of equipment.

How to Use –

Pull-Up Assistance: Loop the band around a pull-up bar and place your foot or knee in the loop. This reduces body weight, making pull-ups achievable as you build strength.

Powerlifting and Strength Training: Enhance your powerlifting routine by incorporating the band into exercises like squats, deadlifts, and bench presses. It adds resistance to challenge muscles.

CrossFit and Functional Training: Integrate the band into CrossFit workouts or bodyweight exercises like push-ups and burpees. The added resistance intensifies the challenge.

Yoga and Mobility: Utilize the band to deepen stretches and improve flexibility during yoga or mobility exercises, helping you achieve a greater range of motion.

Pilates and Core Work: Incorporate the band into Pilate’s routines to engage your core muscles more intensely and vary your exercise repertoire.

Proper Form: Maintain proper form and technique to ensure effective and safe workouts, regardless of the exercise you’re performing.

Progressive Overload: Start with a resistance level that allows you to perform exercises with good form. Gradually increase the resistance to continue challenging your muscles.

Cool Down: After your workout, perform gentle stretches to cool down and maintain flexibility.

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Healthtrek Power Resistance Band – Extra-Heavy (50-125 LBS)

Power Resistance Band – Extra-Heavy (50-125 LBS)

849.001,899.00 (-55%)

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